Brewing up a Storm

  • Artist: Royal Blood
  • Title: Typhoons
  • Released: 2021
  • Format: Digital Download, Amazon Music Ultra HD
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Beverage of Choice: Frappuccino

Sounding like a mash-up of Muse and The Black Keys, Royal Blood‘s third outing builds on and embellishes the solid foundation of the previous albums (2014’s excellent eponymous debut and 2017’s “How Did We Get So Dark?“). While those offerings are edgier and heavier, Typhoons is filled with big hooks, amazing production values and a 21st century schizoid man sensibility that just works for this old headbanger.

Listen carefully to “Who Needs Friends?” for the little grace notes, fills and wide sound stage that indicate the maturity in the songwriting and orchestration the band is developing that bodes so well for their future. Adding some disco/funk dance moves to their basic rock formula of tight rhythm section and big electric chords shines a little light on their souls and introduces an element of fun to what was before a pretty serious endeavor (I’ve been playing Royal Blood on regular rotation since it’s release and it’s a heavy record, evidence “Little Monster“, that will appeal to rock/metal fans alike.)

Oblivion” and “Million and One” more than nod in the direction of Daft Punk for influence while maintaining the core element of kickass I’d expect from this band. “Boilermaker” sounds like a throwback to the first album with a wider range of vocal dynamics and a huge hook on the bridge. “All We Have is Now” is a Sergeant Pepper’s era-worthy track with open piano and resonant vocals, capping off a fine album with a beautiful (if somewhat sentimental) song.

If you want some fun with your heavy, this is a go-to album. I’d love to see Royal Blood live, hopefully they will break out of their core UK/EU home-base and get to tour the US in the near future!

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