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Take a Gamble

I was first made aware of The Crystal Method through engaging in an unusual (for me) activity… skydiving. In 1998 I attended a trade conference in Orlando and my much younger colleague suggested we try out a tandem skydive while we were there. The weather was perfect and, in a moment of uncharacteristic impulsiveness, I agreed, as long as he called my wife to let her know of my demise.

Gift (ed)

In my opinion Rocco Deluca has been woefully overlooked and underrated by the mainstream music industry, critics and audience. Whatever the reasons for this sorry state of affairs, he really deserves a much wider appreciation because his talents as songwriter, guitarist, singer and arranger are prodigious.

Rock Stars

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Isaac Stern, Seiji Ozawa

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One thought on “Rick's Record Review

  1. Rick, this is so Awesome Bro. You have played such a massive role in my musical journey throughout my life and the music is a special bond we have between us. Your review is top drawer and impeccably written. Thanks bro, I have never listened to Nick Cave but have done so now and I am hooked. The journey continues.

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