A Trip to the Human Zoo

Finally we turn to the music on Achtung Baby and get drop-kicked into the distorted vocals, huge bass-line and tightened snare drum that, along with swirling ambient keyboards and the Edge’s inimitable/idiosyncratic/obsessive-compulsive guitar playing make up the elements of this offering. The addition of Steve Lilywhite to the production team also tightened things up a bit and gave the band more room for harder edges and sound on some tracks. With Lanois and Eno playing on various songs, the sound is also expanded and sophisticated beyond that which the four-piece band could muster on their own.

Dark and Stormy

Polly Jean Harvey has proven to be somewhat of a musical chameleon over the 25+ years of her stellar career. Her first two albums were in the ‘angry girl’ genre with post-punk sensibilities and a low-fi attitude. To Bring You My Love, although not a complete departure from her style and vision, brings more of a blues aesthetic not in a purely traditional sense but in the approach to song structure, lyrical content and delivery.