25 Reasons to Love Music

If you get a chance, please read my initial post (“Start Here“) for a glimpse into why I decided to write an album review blog in the first place and maybe begin to understand the diversity in my choices for review. I would love to foster and encourage a deep love of music in my grandchildren and hope that these entries will survive me to guide them towards developing a sense for what I believe to be excellent, worthwhile and enduring. Again, your preferences may be entirely at odds with mine but, you know what? – that is just fine. In fact, it’s wonderful, because then I may have an opportunity to introduce you to a band, and album or a song that cracks open that door a little and expands your ability to appreciate the wide , infinite universe that is music.

Here are 25 albums that I will not review on this blog site because they are so intrinsically important to me that I don’t want to even start trying to analyze or squeeze them to reveal their secret hold over me – I will just continue to play them over and over until the day I shuffle off this old earth to my heavenly reward where, I am totally convinced, music will continue to play a huge role in my enjoyment of God, family and life.

  • Artist: Various
  • Title: Rick’s Recommended 25
  • Released: 2020
  • Format: Cassette, Vinyl, CD, FLAC, Streaming
  • Genre: Various
  • Beverage of Choice: Whatever brings a smile to your dial and a skip to your step

In no particular order and no rating/ranking implied (I love them all):

TitleArtistRelease Date
IVLed Zeppelin1971
Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin1975
A Night at the OperaQueen1975
Moving PicturesRush1981
The WallPink Floyd1979
TuskFleetwood Mac1979
Van HalenVan Halen1978
The Joshua TreeU21987
WildflowersTom Petty1994
Live and DangerousThin Lizzy1978
Stop Making SenseTalking Heads1984
Dire StraitsDire Straits1978
News of the WorldQueen1977
Couldn’t Stand the WeatherStevie Ray Vaughn1984
Stephen StillsStephen Stills1970
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles1967
Sound of SilverLCD Soundsystem2007
In Through the Out DoorLed Zeppelin1979
Heaven and HellBlack Sabbath1980
Use Your Illusion IIGuns N’ Roses1991
Mixed UpThe Cure1990
Wish You Were HerePink Floyd1975

Wow, that was tough! There are at least another 25 albums that could make this list on any given day. I love listening to albums from start to finish but, with the amazing capabilities of Plex, I also love ‘on-the-fly’ playlists, jumping from artist to artist and genre to genre as mood dictates.

This is a hobby/passion that is endlessly fascinating and infinitely rewarding; there is always some new artist, new album/old-album-that-I-never-heard-before to discover and enjoy. Join me on the journey and let music take you to unexpected and exciting places.. whenever you like and wherever you are!

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Husband, father, music lover

6 thoughts on “25 Reasons to Love Music

  1. Excellent choices – and yes there could be another 25 (or 250). Also no accident that Physical Graffiti, Night at the Opera, and Wish You Were Here are all 1975…a special year :-p


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